Literacy Assessment & Dyslexia Screener with Personalized Report – 3 Times per Year

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EarlyBird is a breakthrough assessment tool that provides parents a proactive, preventive tool to identify and support children at risk of reading difficulties.

$98 includes 3x’s a Year Benchmarking Assessments


Research proves it. The best time to identify reading issues is early. Reading interventions in kindergarten and first grade are up to three times significantly more effective than those made later. That’s why we developed EarlyBird. EarlyBird uses a breakthrough assessment tool that empowers educators, parents, and clinicians to replace the old “wait to fail” paradigm, with a proactive, preventive tool to identify and support children at risk – in the window when intervention is most effective. Our easy to administer solution is game-based and combines proven predictors of reading.

Helping families give children a life rich with the practical, personal and professional rewards of reading. That’s EarlyBird.


Product Features Include:

3x’s a Year Benchmarking Assessments:
We will administer the appropriate grade-level EarlyBird screener with you and your child three times to develop an initial baseline for their reading skills.  After the initial test and family conference, your child will take the test 2 additional times to evaluate their progress to date.  With this subscription, you receive 3 assessments for the price of 2.

Family Conference:
An EarlyBird Literacy Specialist will meet with you after each test to discuss your child’s results and share a personalized action plan with resources and activities that you can do at home together.