Carla Small

Carla Small

CEO and Co-Founder

Carla led the Digital Health Accelerator at Boston Children’s while EarlyBird, formerly known as the Boston Children’s Hospital Early Literacy Screener (BELS), was being developed and scientifically validated. Excited about the team, the breakthrough science, and the technology – Carla left her role to launch EarlyBird Education.  She says, “With an engaging, fun game that doesn’t look or feel like an assessment to a child, we can predict which children will struggle with reading – even before they learn to read – and in the window of time when intervention is most effective.”  As a mom of a child with dyslexia, Carla is most excited about the chance to transform children’s lives by saving them the downstream anxiety and self esteem issues that are often associated with poor reading ability.

As Executive Director of Innovation at Boston Children’s, Carla designed and oversaw the accelerator responsible for partnerships with large companies like Amazon and GE, as well as startup and new technology incubation – spinning out five companies with portfolio venture funding totaling over $200 million.  Prior to this, Carla was a health care strategy consultant, and Director of Product Development at startup Work/Family Directions.  Carla serves on the School Board of the Codman Academy Public Charter School, and has served on the advisory boards of Edwards Life Sciences and Medtronic Diabetes.  She received her MBA from Harvard Business School and her Bachelor’s from Dartmouth College.

Favorite Childhood Book:

Harriet the Spy, by Louise Fitzhugh – I was journaling at a young age, thanks to Harriet.

Favorite EarlyBird Character:

Crocodile – reminds me of my Florida upbringing.