Josh Anderson

Josh Anderson

Director of Engineering

Josh Anderson has been developing software for the web and mobile devices for 11 years. Josh has worked on front end technologies, user experience and design, server side technology, and web infrastructure. At Research Triangle Institute, Josh was the lead developer for Tangerine, a tablet-based early grade literacy assessment tool, used around the world in developing countries. He studied computer science at Columbia University and got a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

He is the loving father of identical twins who contribute to EarlyBird as Josh’s daily inspirations.

Favorite Childhood Book:

I was drawn to comics, and in particular Calvin and Hobbes. I didn’t grow up with a literature rich household. In my early years, reading was something I enjoyed to gather information and learn about the natural world. Calvin and Hobbes bridged some odd gap for me between childhood silliness and profound insights about humanity.

Favorite EarlyBird Character:

Polar Bear (RAN). There is something about rapid automatized naming that  I feel I should be good at instinctively. But it is by far the hardest for me to perform as quickly as I want to be able to. There is some raw cognitive processing speed being exercised, with no upper bound and I welcome those types of games.